Brightening Turmeric Scrub


There’s nothing more luxurious than treating your skin to our super-soft and gentle sugar scrub!

An extremely gentle, velvety formula to pamper your skin and leave it feeling buffed, soft, and supple.

Our sugar scrub feels exactly like a dessert– but for your skin. If you’re wondering why your showers don’t feel as exciting anymore, you’ve the missing piece right here. A truly indulgent treat that exfoliates dead skin in the gentlest way possible.

We use real sugar that turns it into a really gentle exfoliant. Love from coconuts, and oils like almond and jojoba further enhance its restorative and moisturizing properties, leaving behind a velvety soft skin that you’ll love to show off!

Give your body a taste for life’s finest things!

• Non-toxic, eco-friendly sugar scrub
• Only natural ingredients
• Scrubs, smooths, and restores
• Delivers spa-like experience
• Great gift item for your friends & family