Body Butter


    Handmade Whipped Body Butter

    Wrap your skin in a cocoon of moisture with this lightweight whipped body butter!

    Whether your skin remains dry due to long winter, the air in your room, or simply because your skin can’t lock in moisture, our Handmade Moisturizing Body Butter is the answer.

    It has a buttery texture and is infused with coconut , jojoba, avocado oil, and cocoa butter to moisturize and banish dry, tight skin. It melts into the skin without leaving a greasy residue. To top it off, the chocolaty notes are rather nose-pleasing, too!

    Packs a big thirst-quenching punch and is perfect for all-over slathering for soft, plump skin in all seasons. It’s sure to make every inch of your skin happy and moisturized.
    • Highly absorbent
    • Non-sticky
    • Softens and moisturizes the skin
    • Lightweight and mild with a subtle scent